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Why the change:
With the dawn of our new democracy, the demarcations in our country changed. In sport, many of us let go of symbols and demarcations of the past. We recognised, that as "traditional" as the Western Province Disa was, it is part of the past and we embraced the "Cape Town" brand. Although the likes of rugby, golf and athletics are still clinging, the reality is that Western Province is no longer a province in the democratic dispensation. Sports federations had to align their structures to correspond with the political boundaries as in the Constitution of the country. Many codes have gone the Cape Town route. The old Western Province now consist of regions namely: Cape Town; West Coast; Winelands; Overberg; Eden; Central Karoo

Partnership Competition - 23rd July'22   

Klawerjas Academy

Coming Soon:
Klawerjas for Beginners: ABC of Klawerjas
Intermediate: Know your Rules/Improve your Game
Advance: How to Apply Your Mind

Congratulations !!

Congratulations to Nicole Donough, the winner of our new logo design and a R500 gift voucher.

Monday 11th July 2022 - Mitchell's Plain sharing their venue with South Peninsula
Klawerjas & Load Shedding

Like many indoor sports, that is played at night, klawerjas is no exception when it comes to load-shedding. The challenges presented to the Mitchells Plain Union has resulted in them making use of emergency lights to complete their games. They have also extended the sharing of their venue with other unions who suffer the same fate and are unable to play during load-shedding.

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